Flibanserin is the main ingredient used in medication like Addyi, used explicitly to treat Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD). To fully understand what Flibanserin is used for, one must first know more about HSDD, not to be confused with female sexual arousal disorder (FSAD).

HSDD is one of the most prominent female sexual dysfunctions, which causes women to have little to no sex drive. Although FSAD and HSDD have similar causes and women with FSAD tend to have a lower sex drive, women with FSAD are unable to become aroused, even after ample stimulation.

For some women, HSDD could be a lifelong concern, while for others, it could be acquired over time; regardless, it is entirely natural, and if it bothers you, there are many ways to overcome it. HSDD can stem from various physical, mental and medical causes, and as such, if the underlying cause is resolved, their sexual desire would most likely return.

Simply correcting the underlying causes is often easier said than done, which is why flibanserin-based treatments exist. The medicine helps women overcome HSDD, and by the time they complete their eight-week cycle, they should regain their fantasies and desires.

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Exactly How Does Flibanserin Work

HSDD is a very abstract condition because even though there is a large number of possible causes for it, they only affect you if it is something that bothers you. The reason for this is that the distress of having a poor body image, for example, has a substantial impact on the mind, which in turn causes a chemical imbalance in the brain that could result in HSDD.

Flibanserin will not resolve the cause of the condition, but instead, it will help restore the neurochemical balance, which will allow its users to regain their desire. Flibanserin is a 5-HT receptor modulator, affecting the serotonin receptors in the brain. The core function of the treatment is reducing the serotonin levels and increasing the dopamine and norepinephrine levels of the user.

Flibanserin does not contain any aphrodisiacal properties and will not blur the judgement of the user. The treatment only empowers the user to be the best version of themselves as dopamine plays a vital role in experiencing pleasure. At the same time, norepinephrine increases blood circulation by quickening heart rate. The treatment essentially reduces the production of neurochemicals that reduce desire and increase the production of chemicals that boost it.

Many women interested in starting their cycle for Flibanserin often fear that it might cause them to pick up weight. However, users often experience the contrary. The treatment has no direct effect on the mass of its users, but women who use it commonly report losing weight as they become more physically active due to the medicine.

Flibanserin Dosage and Usage Instructions

The standard dosage strength for treating HSDD is 100 mg, taken orally. The ideal method of using your flibanserin-based product is through taking a single dose, once per day, just before going to bed. If users miss a dose, do not double the usage the next day to make up for it. Instead, skip the missed pill, and continue as normal.

The treatment is not for everyone, and predicting if the treatment will work for you beforehand, is impossible. However, about 60 percent of women who have stuck it out until the end of the cycle have reported clear improvements. After ensuring that you are eligible for the treatment and starting your rotation, the results typically show in the first 2 to 4 weeks. Users who do not see any results or development after eight weeks are advised to stop taking flibanserin.

That is not to say that the treatment will never work for you, as people are constantly changing. If the treatment does not affect you now, your body and mind might be completely different after a few months, and the treatment might work for you then.

Additionally, there are several exercises and diet plans you can follow that have positive effects in treating HSDD. For the best results, attempt doing the natural methods in parallel to using the medicine, as they will not counteract the effectiveness of the other but enhance it.

The Flibanserin Side Effects?

The side effects of flibanserin are exaggerated around the initial few doses but become milder as the user adjusts to the medication until they eventually become barely notable. Many of the side effects, like sleepiness, vertigo and dizziness, could be quite debilitating, so it is recommended to take your treatment before going to sleep, instead of during the middle of the day. By taking the medicine before bed, users would even take advantage of these side effects to help them sleep better.

Because of the exaggerated side effects, many women have been scared away after their first dose of flibanserin. Still, more often than not, women who have completed their cycle are happy with the results. The side effect does not require any medical attention, but changing the diet and taking precautions could help if users find them annoying.

Flibanserin could have severe side effects if it interacts with other treatments that the user is on or if the user has a pre-existing condition that has not been accounted for. If you experience a severe side effect, discontinue usage of the treatment, seek immediate medical attention, and do not treat the side effects using other medication unless advised otherwise by a medical professional. For more information regarding the side effects, causes and interaction, go to the patient information leaflet on our site.

Why Is Flibanserin Considered Safe?

Flibanserin is considered safe because it was licensed and approved by the Food and Health Administration (FDA). That stamp of approval carries a lot of weight because of the influence the FDA has, as it is a government-related organisation that has a critical responsibility; protecting the public from dangerous substances.

The FDA uses a strict 12-step process, catered to each drug, testing, reviewing, and re-reviewing every aspect of the treatment. The first 4 steps are related to testing the treatment extensively to ensure the drug is safe for public use and effective in its purpose, stopping any further developments of the medication at the gate if it is not up to par.

After being judged as safe and effective, the FDA reviews the information on the label, ensuring complete transparency regarding the medication to any reader. They then thoroughly inspect the facilities where the treatment is manufactured to guarantee the creation facilities and process is sanitary. Flibanserin got its full response letter permitting it to be distributed and marketed because there is little to no significant risks to the user.

What are the Flibanserin Benefits?

The most prominent advantage of flibanserin is its effects, which help the user overcome HSDD, but in addition to that, after completing the whole cycle, it will last for a notably long time. Some users even report still enjoying the effects of the treatment well over a year later. In some cases, after users have their chemical imbalance restored, they then make healthy lifestyle changes, preventing the effect from reverting for as long as possible.

As fantastic as flibanserin is in treating HSDD, those benefits are only available after getting your hands on the treatment. Fortunately, flibanserin is widely accessible thanks to online shopping, allowing users to buy their treatment prescription-free.

Additionally, by buying your flibanserin product through us, we ensure that your privacy will be safeguarded. Having HSDD means that you are having trouble getting in the mood, it is nothing to be embarrassed about, but we understand that our clients might not want their private lives on display for everyone to see.

The most significant benefit to using flibanserin, though, is in what comes after. If our users respond positively to the treatment and reobtain their desire, they would start having sex more frequently. Having a healthy sex life comes with various mental and physical health benefits while strengthening the emotional bonds between you and your partner.

Why Flibanserin Reviews Are Important

Flibanserin can have a massive impact on the users mental, physical and emotional wellbeing, but that is only the case for those who receive a legitimate product. The internet is filled with many magnificent treasures and nearly as many traps. Fortunately, through a simple method, it is relatively easy to avoid the pitfalls and make your way towards all the amazing deals the internet offers, completely unhindered.

The review system adopted by nearly every trustworthy site contains all the information you need to steer clear of suspicious sites and products. The overall review is the average collective opinion of all the previous users who took the time to share their experiences. Additionally, the individual reviews ordinarily have a comment included, giving you a more in-depth understanding of their experiences that cited their left remarks.

Any happy user would gladly praise the product online, while an unhappy customer is usually quick to cause an uproar. The reviews and comments can help you make an informed decision when purchasing your flibanserin online. Just as the comments and reviews can help you, you could have that same influence on others. Consider leaving a review and a comment on your product after receiving it and forming an opinion, as it could help someone else get off the fence.

Is it Easy to Buy Flibanserin Online?

Yes, online shopping is convenient in general, and even more so for anyone who wants to buy their flibanserin supply online while living in Europe. The HSDD treatment generally requires its buyers to work through their doctor. They first ensure you are eligible for the treatment through several uncomfortable questions.

The classic method is the safest and is advised for your safety, but suppose you have already confirmed that you are eligible for the treatment, that would create many new options. Often there are factors at play, like changing your family doctor and moving to a different area or city. Sometimes it is as simple as finding a more affordable alternative for a restock. Regardless of the reason, by simply knowing you are eligible, you can buy your flibanserin online without consequence and enjoy the massive benefits.

For users who purchase flibanserin-based products through us, we employ a fast courier service that will deliver your parcel to your doorstep in unlabelled packaging, ensuring nobody, including the delivery driver, never knows the contents. The domestic services take 2 to 4 business days, while the international option can take up to 7 working days.

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