Female Sexual Dysfunction

If you find yourself asking, what is female sexual dysfunction (FSD)? What causes female sexual dysfunction? How do you treat female sexual dysfunction? Then you are at the right place. This page aims to explain the condition in more details and provide women with all they need to know. Female sexual dysfunction can take several forms, as it is the umbrella term used for any complication during the sexual response cycle.

How to overcome female sexual dysfunction is a common concern for many women. The conditions are generally linked to age, but in reality, they can occur at any stage of your life. One such example is anorgasmia, which has multiple severity levels, of which one of them is lifelong, meaning that the women in question have never experienced an orgasm. At the same time, there is also acquired anorgasmia, implying that sex was fine before.

Modern medicine has not given up on you regardless of which female sexual dysfunction you may have or how severe it is. There are a variety of natural treatments, diets and even medicine, which begs the question, which is the best female sexual dysfunction medication? Keep reading, and we will answer all your questions and many more.

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Female Sexual Function and Dysfunction

The sexual response cycle consists of four phases, excitement, arousal, orgasm and resolution. The first phase, excitement, refers to desire. As you fantasise, your heart rate quickens, you breathe faster, and blood will start rushing to the genital area. During the second phase, arousal, the characteristics that started during the first phase, will intensify. The third phase, orgasm, is the shortest stage, lasting for just a few seconds. The resolution stage comes after sex, as it is the slow return to normal levels.

The four most common female sexual dysfunctions are anorgasmia, dyspareunia, hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) and female sexual arousal disorder (FSAD). Each dysfunction refers to a different complication, or an obstacle at a different stage of the sexual response cycle, with the only exception being dyspareunia, as it is known to remain a problem at all times. Dyspareunia causes women to associate sex with intense pain, sometimes only through penetration, but some find even a slight touch painful.

FSAD is commonly confused with HSDD as they have similar causes and even share similar traits, but their fundamental difference is the stage of the sexual response cycle they affect. While HSDD affects the first stage, desire, FSAD affects the arousal stage.

Female Sexual Dysfunction Statistics

Each of the four significant female sexual dysfunctions are very common and are known to cause distress and interpersonal conflict. In the worst-case scenario, it could be a key factor driving the end of a relationship, as intercourse is an integral part of it. Sex is not simply fulfilling carnal desires. It is an intimate moment shared between loved ones.

HSDD affects approximately 10 percent of women globally, and the condition has strong ties to the mental state. It can occur at any stage of life; however, it is natural to experience HSDD while pregnant, breastfeeding or after delivery.

Anorgasmia affects 26.3 percent of women and can be caused by emotional strain. The research has many factors involved, ranging from psychological factors, what age the women involved got married, and the duration of the marriage.

Dyspareunia is a complex disorder that can affect 10 to 28 percent of women at some point in their lifetime. Because the condition can even occur before sex, it can arguably be classified as a pain disorder instead.

FSAD is the most prevalent female sexual dysfunction, experienced by 46.2 percent of women, with nearly a quarter of the women under the age of 40. The condition has many severities. In some cases, the desire is there, and they only have a lubrication problem.

Female Sexual Dysfunction Causes

How common they are is a testament to how natural they are, but just because it is normal does not mean that you need to live with it if you do not want to, as there are multiple ways to help treat it. Before looking for a treatment to resolve the female sexual dysfunction symptoms, we must first understand the origins of the conditions.

All female sexual dysfunction has a solid link to the mental state, and as such, a variety of negative emotions can cause any of the female sexual dysfunctions mentioned. The most common mental reasons that all the conditions have in common are, but are not limited to, body image, problems within the relationship, and stress.

There are also a wide variety of physical causes that are equally capable of causing female sexual dysfunction. Substance abuse, several physical conditions, and multiple medications can result in female sexual dysfunction, some directly, while others affect the mood of the user, causing the disorder indirectly.

If the cause of the female sexual dysfunction can be identified, then effort can be made to reverse the female sexual dysfunction through resolving the causing factor or factors.

Exercises for Female Sexual Dysfunction

The old saying goes, 'a healthy mind resides in a healthy body'. Exercise is a highly effective method to overcome most sexual disorders because it can help remedy most of the physical causes while increasing the mood of an individual. In addition, other practices could also help, like Kegel exercises, a massage, and masturbation, with or without a device to increase desire.

Kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic floor muscles by tightening and relaxing the muscles. The exercises have many benefits, like helping improve bladder control, improved orgasm and can help develop better back and hip support.

The exercise that is known to have the quickest results are high-intensity interval training (HIIT) programs. Aside from being arguably the best method to lose weight, intense exercise causes an improved production of endorphins in the brain. Endorphins help improve pleasure and wellbeing while also reducing pain and discomfort.

If you prefer something more relaxing, yoga is also a fantastic exercise that increases flexibility, improves cardiovascular health, and helps with weight loss. Aside from the physical benefits, yoga also has a massive impact on the mental state by helping reduce stress and develop coping skills that allow a more positive outlook on life.

Foods for Female Sexual Dysfunction

A healthy diet is generally essential for overall wellbeing, which increases your libido, and there are certain foods, and food groups that could have a more significant impact. Foods that contain zinc, specific vitamins or yohimbine have smooth muscle relaxing properties, and as a consequence, it increases sexual desire, attraction and pleasure. These foods are known as aphrodisiacs, and they are known to improve the sex drive of their consumers.

Several fruits, like avocado, banana and watermelon, are known to be potent aphrodisiacs while also being a healthy snack. As they contain vitamins vital for sex hormone production, these tasty snacks can be eaten throughout the day to increase your sexual appetite before seeing your partner after a long day of work.

Oysters, salmon and red wine make for a lovely meal while being potent aphrodisiacs for a romantic evening. Oysters increase the speed of testosterone production, and salmon contains acids that increase sex hormone production, while red wine boosts blood flow. Together, these could greatly help in the fight against sexual disorders.

In addition, there is nothing wrong with treating yourself to the occasional chocolate. The favoured sweet contains a chemical that improves happiness that could make all the difference you need to overcome your female sexual dysfunction.

Female Sexual Dysfunction Medication

Female sexual dysfunction is an abstract condition because the cause cannot be pinpointed through a quick medical check-up. It usually stems from mental factors causing a physical effect. Even if your body is perfectly healthy, your mind is powerful, and if the mental health is not well maintained, a sexual disorder could manifest.

Through doing the appropriate amount of daily exercise and having a healthy, aphrodisiac-rich diet, most could overcome just about any female sexual dysfunction. Provided there is no overbearing relationship issue putting the brakes on any romantic advance. Working through a relationship issue and exercise often requires time before notable results show. Fortunately, there are medications to help women who want a more immediate improvement.

Various female sexual dysfunction pills can help treat the condition in question. Some contain sildenafil, which belongs to the same medical group as yohimbine, which boosts blood flow to the genitals improving the desire, lubrication and orgasm potential in its users.

At the same time, other medications contain flibanserin. Flibanserin is a chemical that corrects the neurochemical imbalance causing HSDD in particular. The treatment requires eight weeks of daily use, the has results that last for well over a year.

Overcoming Female Sexual Dysfunction

To overcome FSD, we must get answers to questions like what is a sexual dysfunction in females and what is causing it? As soon as you know its origin, you can take the first step towards resolving it, because most of the different remedies and treatments mentioned above are meant to be used in specific circumstances. For example, even if you have an improved diet, if your female sexual dysfunction originates from interpersonal conflict, you might not experience your desired results.

Using the knowledge, you now have regarding the sexual response cycle, you can identify which female sexual dysfunction you have, which would be the first step to overcoming it. Now that you know which condition you have, you can start looking into the causes to determine where it stems from.

Fortunately, you never have to do any of this alone. Medical professionals are always ready to help, not just in saving lives but also in enriching them. They can help you pinpoint the cause and can advise you on how to overcome the condition. With their advice, you could easily find the medical treatment that could help you or even be referred to a couple counsellor for those who need it.

The Best Female Sexual Dysfunction Treatment Options

Among the abundance of treatments for female sexual dysfunction (FSD), there are primarily two categories, medical and nonmedical. The nonmedical treatments consist of establishing a healthy flow of communication with your partner, seeking counselling if required, and using a lubricant or devices to help improve the experience.

However, the medical treatment for female sexual dysfunctions has many more options. Estrogen therapy improves vaginal tone, elasticity and boosts blood flow to the genital region, enhancing lubrication. Ospemifene is a medication for women with vulvovaginal atrophy (dryness and irritation of the vagina). The female sexual dysfunction treatment reduces the pain experienced during intercourse.

Androgen therapy affects testosterone, which plays a role in healthy sexual function regardless of gender. Flibanserin, usually sold under the name Addyi, is an FDA approved treatment for HSDD. Lastly, bremelanotide is another FDA-approved female sexual dysfunction treatment injected before having sex.

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