Tadalafil Takes Care of ED for Days

  • Jan 22, 2019
  • Gwendolyn Stacey

Having to take another dosage of any medication that treats erectile dysfunction (ED) more than once a day can be dangerous since most treatments require a 24-hour break in between doses. This is instructed so that patients do no experience side-effects from exceeding the dosage limit. This can become troublesome when you are suffering from ED and want to have sex more than once a day.

Another serious issue many older ED patients find is that most treatments are hard to swallow in their tablet form. This is why tadalafil 20 mg jellies are so popular. These jellies are super easy to swallow in their gelatinous form and provide ED protection for a whopping 36 whole hours thanks to the slow excretion rate of the active ingredient.

Buying Tadalafil Using Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

For immediate access to exclusive beneficial rewards, patients can now buy tadalafil 20 mg tablets from participating online pharmacies using Bitcoin. Now in its tenth year of existence, Bitcoin is currently the world’s leading cryptocurrency and provides its users will unparalleled protection from information theft, fraud and excessive tax when transacting online.

Due to the numerous benefits offered by the use of Bitcoin, clients of the select online pharmacies who accept it as payment can choose this method of transaction to receive incentivising kickbacks. This is done in appreciation of supporting ethical and secure trade within the online economy.

The first and most immediate reward for paying for tadalafil using Bitcoin will be the inclusion of further discounts of up to 20% off all purchases. Clients who are both money-savvy and also in the possession of a Bitcoin wallet can use this function to receive the lowest possible price on effective medical care for ED.

The second exclusive benefit rewarded to Bitcoin-paying customers is access to the elite express courier service offered only to select clientele. Using this feature, which comes at no extra cost aside from the regular courier fee which every customer must pay, will ensure that your tadalafil 20 mg medication arrives far sooner than can otherwise be expected.

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