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Sildenafil Tablets Could Relieve Your ED

  • Sep 15, 2018
  • Gwendolyn Stacey

The school of medicine has a long history and erectile dysfunction (ED) has been discussed and researched throughout most of it. However, only in more recent times have clinical researchers been able to analyze the full scope of the world's ED problem. Contemporary research has revealed nearly 20% of the UK's male population are suffering from ED, with most who are aware of the sexual health implications refusing to seek out medical treatment. Medical professionals would argue that this due to the exorbitant costs of store-bought ED medication deterring patients for whom effective treatment is out of their means. Fortunately, sildenafil tablets are now available from reputable online pharmacies at unbeatably affordable prices. You can now get cost-effective ED treatment in the form of Sildenafil tablets in the UK delivered straight to your doorstep.

How does It Work?

Over the course of a healthy male's sexual activity, his body releases the enzymes cyclic GMP and PDE-5. Cyclic GMP performs the function of encouraging a constant flow of blood towards the penis in order to make it rigid enough for penetration. PDE-5 ebbs this blood flow after ejaculation in order to restore flaccidity after climax. For men who suffer from ED, the PDE-5 enzymes react aggressively to cyclic GMP during any sexual stimulation, preventing an erection. The active ingredient in sildenafil tablets, sildenafil citrate, inhibits this unnatural action of the PDE-5 enzymes, allowing for a strong and firm erection to be maintained during sex.

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