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A Range Of Kamagra Products Can Help With ED

  • May 31, 2018
  • Gwendolyn Stacey

Is erectile dysfunction (ED) getting you down? If the answer is yes, you are one of millions of people globally who suffers from this problem. But with FDA-approved treatment readily available online, you don't have to let ED ruin your sex life. Kamagra, amongst many other brands, offers effective, fast-acting treatment.

Different treatments, different needs

There is a misconception that all medication used to treat ED is the same. Kamagra itself offers four very different options that vary in terms of reaction time, and method of consumption. As all of the products from this brand consist of the same active ingredient, they have a similar half-life and have the same minimal side effects.

  1. Hard tablets should be swallowed with a glass of water 30-60 minutes prior to sexual activity.
  2. Soft tablets dissolve in the mouth and take roughly 15-30 minutes to be absorbed into the blood stream.
  3. Oral jellies come in sachets of fruit-flavoured gel and take about the same time as soft tablets to have an effect. They are more easily swallowed than hard tablets.
  4. Super Kamagra contains an added ingredient called Dapoxetine which helps men attain more control over premature ejaculation while simultaneously providing treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Buy any of these products online

Purchasing these products online is as easy as typing Kamagra UK in your search engine. Scroll through a number of online stockists that sell this brand prescription-free for less than a fifth of the price of what you would pay at a regular pharmacy. Enjoy further discounted prices if you buy in larger quantities. Depending on the e-pharmacy you use, prices sometimes include delivery and discreet packaging of your order. 24/7 customer services are usually available. Orders are delivered within 2-7 days after purchase for those in the UK, while customers in the EU have a waiting period of 10-14 days (excluding weekends). Don't wait for ED to affect your sex life any longer! Buy effective treatment online today!