Kamagra Jelly

Kamagra Jelly Successfully Treats Erectile Dysfunction

  • Aug 20, 2018
  • Gwendolyn Stacey

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to produce or maintain an erection in order to achieve sexual satisfaction. It is the number one most common form of sexual dysfunction, affecting a staggering 50% of men in their 50s. Although popular brand names like Viagra and Kamagra are commonly ingested in tablet form all around the world, Kamagra Jelly provides an ideal alternative option for men who have trouble swallowing large, solid pills.

What is Kamagra Jelly?

Kamagra Jelly works in much the same way as regular Viagra and Kamagra tablets. It uses the active ingredient sildenafil citrate in order to stimulate blood flow to the penis to produce stronger and more sustained erections. Sildenafil does so by inhibiting the production of an enzyme known as PDE-5 which prevents a different enzyme, cGMP, from functioning effectively. cGMP is essential in enabling increased blood flow in the penis. Its reduced effect due to the production of PDE-5 is precisely what is remedied through the actions of sildenafil citrate.

Benefits of Using Kamagra Jelly in the UK

It is easier to swallow than regular hard tablets. It tastes better too and is available in a range of flavours. It takes effect quicker than tablets at around 15-30 minutes after consumption.

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