Apcalis jelly

Get Long-Lasting ED Relief with Apcalis Jellies

  • Feb 02, 2019
  • Gwendolyn Stacey

It is in no way an overstatement to claim that the prices of most store-bought medications intended for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED), the sexual health disorder whereby men are rendered completely incapable of gaining or sustain an erection fit of sexual encounters, are far too high for the average patient to afford.

It is completely unreasonable for a single Viagra pill to cost an average of $22. This is especially true if you are suffering from the effects of ED but are looking to sustain a prolific sex life. Also, 4 – 6 hours of ED protection does not much up to Viagra price tag.

This is actually the reason why online pharmacies have begun to sell Apcalis products over the internet. This medication is highly coveted due to its ability to treat the effects of ED for a total of 36 full hours. This is exactly seven times as long as Viagra can maintain its treatment effects, meaning that a single dosage is enough to keep you safe from ED for days.

Apcalis jelly products are also easier for older men to swallow since they come in a gelatinous form, which evidently then also allows its effects to be onset much sooner as well since it is absorbed directly into your blood stream from the membranes inside your mouth cavity

If you are interested in the acquisition of the long-lasting Apcalis medication and are wondering where you find it at a low price, consider visiting the website on an accredited online pharmacy that specialises in the treatment of ED. There you can buy it at ridiculously low prices without prescription and with discounts applying on all bulk orders.

How Does Apcalis Jelly Work?

Apcalis makes use of tadalafil, a more powerful PDE-5 inhibitor than sildenafil citrate, to stop the unnatural enzymatic reactions which cause ED. Since the excretion rate of tadalafil is incredibly slow, one can remain treated for as long as 36 whole hours. Tadalafil’s low dosage of 20 mg will also decrease the likelihood of any side-effects occurring.

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