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A Closer Look At ED: Vardenafil 20mg, Tadalafil And Sildenafil

  • Jun 18, 2018
  • Gwendolyn Stacey

Research shows that not all treatments for erectile dysfunction (ED) is the same. While most medicines are PDE-5 inhibitors, and thus function by restricting the functioning of a hormone occurring naturally in the body, the active ingredients responsible for this process vary between Vardenafil 20mg, Tadalafil and Sildenafil Citrate. Depending on which active ingredient is the core component of the treatment you are thinking of using, side effects, contraindications and half life will vary.

What are the main differences between the active ingredients?

Tadalafil is the ingredient responsible for the success of Cialis, otherwise known as 'the Weekender'. It is so called because of its exceptional half-life  giving men opportunity within a 36-hour period to be spontaneous. Sildenafil usually lasts for 4-6 hours and is the core component in medicines like Viagra and Kamagra. Vardenafil which is found in Levitra can last for between 4-6 hours. Look online for more detailed information regarding the unique characteristics of each drug.

Where can I buy FDA-approved treatment for ED?

Despite their differences, all of the above forms of ED treatment can be bought online without prescription, including Vardenafil 20mg. Brands and generics alike are sold on online platforms for a fraction of the cost of what you would ordinarily pay, with the added bonus of further reduced prices for bulk orders. Buy your medication online and receive assistance in the form of live 24/7 customer services that can help answer your questions, as well as free delivery. If you are in the UK, you can expect your discreetly wrapped order to arrive within 2-7 working days after purchase. Those in the EU usually have a waiting period of 10-14 working days. Order your Vardenafil 20mg, Sildenafil or Tadalafil for the effective treatment of ED now!