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Buy Tadalafil Jelly for Longer-Lasting ED Protection

  • Jan 23, 2019
  • Gwendolyn Stacey

Not all people can afford Viagra at $20 per pill and most men are dissatisfied by the short-lived results of such a treatment. Furthermore, erectile dysfunction (ED) predominantly affects older patients, many of whom cannot swallow hard Viagra tablets without great effort due to their age.

Fortunately, generic Cialis jelly is now here to solve all three of these problems. Now available for purchase and extremely low prices from online pharmacies, tadalafil’s slow excretion rate allows it to prevent ED symptoms for over 36 hours while its gelatinous form makes it easier to swallow.

Buy Tadalafil Jelly Using Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

Some of you may already know exactly what Bitcoin is, but for those who do not, here is a short description: Bitcoin currently the most popularly used cryptocurrency, which is used to carry out transactions over the internet both without third party involvement and without exorbitant tax.

Fiat currencies are nowhere near as safe to use when paying for purchases online since they do not have the same strong encryptions used by Bitcoin. Bitcoin is also decentralised which means that it cannot be taxed by any government nor can any transactions made using this cryptocurrency be observed by big corporations looking to sell your personal information.

Given the safety offered by Bitcoin, online pharmacies are now allowing clients to buy generic Cialis jelly using this cryptocurrency. This is not all, because select online pharmacies are now also rewarding their clients for choosing to pay using Bitcoin with exclusive additions to their services.

These benefits include further discounts of up to 20% off all items purchased using Bitcoin, which can be stacked up on bulk discounts in order to maximise the amount of money saved on ED treatment.

Patients can also expect their generic Cialis jelly to arrive significantly sooner when paying in Bitcoin due to the inclusion of an exclusive courier service which ships out medications on express delivery status. This is by far the best way to buy tadalafil jelly.

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