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Buy Tadalafil Jelly and Stay Erect

  • Aug 21, 2018
  • Gwendolyn Stacey

If you find yourself struggling to gain or maintain your erections during sex it may be that you are one of the millions of men worldwide struggling with erectile dysfunction (ED). The impotence caused by this sexual health issue can lead to other serious problems in both your sexual and social life. Men suffering from ED often experience low self-esteem and a decreased libido, creating difficulties for him and his sexual partner. Many men often avoid consulting their doctors out of embarrassment, and even those who do are faced with expensive medical bills and costly treatments. Fortunately, generic Cialis jelly in the form of tadalafil jelly sachets is now available online as an effective ED treatment.

How Does Generic Cialis Jelly Work?

In the case of a man without ED, two enzymes called cGMP and PDE-5 are released during sex. The cGMP encourages constant blood flow to the penis to maintain erections, whereas the PDE-5 halts blood flow after climax to return the penis to flaccidity. In the case of a man suffering from ED, the PDE-5 responds aggressively to arousal, preventing blood flow to the penis, resulting in impotency. When you buy tadalafil jelly, you get a treatment that inhibits the action of the PDE-5 enzymes. This allows for the right amount of blood flow to maintain strong erections. Generic Cialis jelly has the added benefit of lasting up to 36 hours, allowing for spontaneity to return to the bedroom as well.

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