Do you suffer from low libido and would like to do something about it? Perhaps you recently experienced FSD for the first time? It might even be that you use this medication already and are looking to save a few pounds by getting it online. Whatever the case keep reading for all you need to know.

Why Women with FSD Buy Addyi Online

Apart from this medicine showing a lot of promise in aiding women in managing their disorder, there are a number of benefits that comes with Addyi. These benefits are outline below as:

  • Best selection of female sexual dysfunction medications including Addyi
  • Easy to use client interface that can be accessed from your home, phone or laptop
  • No prescription or consultation required when purchasing Addyi online
  • Encrypted payment options including VISA, MasterCard, bank transfer and Bitcoin
  • Fast and discreet home delivery to the UK, Ireland and EU
  • Impressive savings and discounts when purchasing in larger quantities
  • Tried and trusted treatment for female sexual dysfunction
  • Smart solutions that save time, money and that dreaded trip to the Doctors

Exactly How Does Addyi Work?

The primary way that Addyi works are by bringing about a more vivid and healthier sex drive, as opposed to sexual dysfunction medication for men which can improve sexual performance. This generic medication contains the active ingredient Flibanserin and works by correcting an imbalance of certain chemicals in the brain.

The active ingredient specifically works towards increasing the levels of dopamine and norepinephrine, which as we all know, are the main chemicals responsible for feeling good. At the same time, this medicine works on lowering the levels of serotonin, known to cause a decline in a persons sexual drive. These chemicals being specifically targeted patients will be able to return to more satisfying sexual experiences and also a better mood with the increased levels of dopamine.

Patients taking Addyi have not only chosen this medicine for the relief it provides from the unpleasantness of HSDD. Many user reviews indicate that majority of patients have also seen improvements in their personal, social and sexual relationships overall. This medication has been approved by the FDA generic drugs as the first-ever effective solution for treating the symptoms of generalized Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder.

Addyi Dosage and Usage Instructions

Addyi works in a completely different way as general sexual dysfunction medications that provide fast-acting relief from their conditions. It is important to remember that taking this medication before engaging in sexual activity will not show any results and should be taken on a strict daily schedule. Patients are advised that to experience results from this medication, it should be taken in the required four weeks. It is recommended to take the tablet before going to bed as it is known to increase the likelihood of fainting, getting accidentally injured, and even central nervous system depression (also known as sedation and somnolence).

When taking Addyi, it is advised to take the recommended dose of 100mg (one tablet) every 24-hours. If patients forget to take their daily dose, it is advised to skip the dose and continue as usual on the next day. Patients should not double the dose in these circumstances as taking a second pill in hopes to catch up has the potential to cause adverse side effects.

Addyi comes manufactured as an oral tablet and can be taken with a glass of water. The tablet is advised to be swallowed whole without crushing, chewing, or sucking it. This medicine is recommended to be stored far from the reach of children and is not recommended to be taken by any patients under the age of 18. Addyi is advised to be stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, as exposure to this could potentially affect the efficacy of the medication.

The Addyi Side Effects?

When it comes to taking medicine to treat any health concern, it is always expected that there is the possibility to experience some unwanted side effects. Therefore, patients are advised that even though these symptoms gradually dissipate as the body gets used to the medicine it is important to get familiar with the possible side effects that can be experienced. Some of the most common symptoms that can be experienced when taking Addyi include but are not limited to:

  • Insomnia
  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Sleepiness

Along with the aforementioned symptoms, there have been reports of patients experiencing more adverse side effects when taking Addyi. These side effects include but are not limited to stomach pains, vertigo, anxiety, constipation, skin rashes, menstrual spotting, and sedation. If patients should experience any of these adverse symptoms it is highly advised to discontinue using this medication and seek medical attention immediately.

Patients must follow the dosage and usage instructions provided to significantly reduce the likelihood of experiencing any of these side effects. For a full list of the possible side effects that can be experienced when taking Addyi patients are advised to refer to the patient information leaflet provided here on our website.

Why Is Addyi Considered Safe?

Addyi is considered completely safe as it is designed purely to restore the imbalance of chemicals in the brain which causes HSDD. However, even with the highly regarded safety of this medicine, some should take caution when taking this medicine. Patients are advised to speak with their doctor before taking this medication if they are suffering from allergies and/or medical conditions, taking other medications, or any other significant general health concerns.

When Addyi first became available on the market, it was initially turned down by the FDA as a treatment for those suffering from HSDD. However, this should not discourage patients from taking this medicine. With the extensive trials that were conducted, it has received a higher standard as the first officially approved treatment for women suffering from this condition.

Additionally, patients suffering from any heart-related problems are also advised to proceed with caution as this medicine causes a decrease in blood pressure, increases heart rate, and has the potential to cause fainting. All of these could worsen the symptoms of heart problems. It is important to avoid the consumption of alcohol and other medications that cause drowsiness (anxiety medicine, sleeping pills). When taking these medications with Addyi can cause severely low blood pressure, severe drowsiness, and fainting.

What are the Addyi Benefits?

Apart from the aid that Addyi provides in treating the symptoms of HSDD, several outstanding benefits come with this medication. User reviews have indicated that various other benefits come with this medicine that goes beyond the bedroom. This medicine gives a significant boost to dopamine levels, which is known to be mainly responsible for how people feel pleasure. Together with the easy-to-take nature and fast absorption of this medication, it is no wonder why it has been one of the most popular choices of treatments for women suffering from this unpleasant condition.

Additionally, there are other praiseworthy aspects of Addyi apart from the ones mentioned above. Due to the generic nature of this medication, it can be easily found and purchased from online platforms such as right here on our website. The best part is that patients can get this medication at incredibly low prices and without the need for a prescription, consultation, or appointment.

And it does not stop there, those purchasing online can take advantage of the added benefits that come with shopping for pharmaceuticals online. From discounted prices buying in bulk, absolute discretion, and fast home deliveries, users are guaranteed the very best when purchasing Addyi online.

Why Addyi Reviews Are Important

When it comes down to purchasing medication online, it is understandable that some people may be uncertain whether or not it is safe. Therefore, before deciding to purchase any medication such as Addyi online, users are advised to always take a look at the user reviews section of every product. According to statistics, user reviews are the second most vital aspects that are considered before any person decides to purchase online. The reviews found here help first-time users by giving them all the needed information they need to make a final decision on purchasing Addyi.

When deciding to purchase Addyi from our online pharmacy, we kindly ask our customers to leave a short review down below. Which in short explains in detail your experience and findings when taking this medicine. The information that you provide here could potentially help others who are in the process of finding an effective and trusted solution for their condition. Looking for all the necessary information regarding Addyi? Take a look at our user review section down below dedicated to providing all the information you need.

Is it Easy to Buy Addyi Online?

Not so long ago, people were got accustomed to usually going to their local pharmacy or clinic to get the medication they need. Thanks to the internet people have had an easier way to get the medicine they need without having to go outside. Statistics show that in the United States alone the online pharmaceutical market is estimated to reach over 130-billion USD by the start of 2026.  

When it comes down to treating sexual dysfunctions, everyone knows that it can be a struggle. Due to the embarrassing nature of these conditions, those suffering from these would often neglect to get the treatment they need. Here at our online pharmacy customers can get top-quality medications such as Addyi prescription and consultation free without having to leave their homes.

Customers purchasing from our website can also take advantage of the numerous added benefits that come with shopping online. When purchasing Addyi here on our website, customers also benefit from our incredible discounts, absolute discretion, and fast home delivery. Ensuring that all orders made are processed, packed, and posted within 24-hours and delivered within a few short days.

Buy Addyi Online in the UK

Now that we have provided all the necessary information regarding this amazing mediation, all that is left is to place your order of Addyi right here at our website With our simple ordering process, you can easily place your order today with a few easy steps. By browsing our product page and selecting the medication of choice, selecting the desired quantity (remembering that prices are lower when purchasing in larger quantities), and then proceeding to checkout where further instructions are provided. 

Payments can be made with our safe and secure payment options like Visa, MasterCard, Bitcoin, and Bank Transfer. When completing any purchase, we will automatically send an email confirming your order, as well as providing the estimated date for delivery and the descriptor name that appears on bank statements. 

This guarantees that orders made in the UK are quickly delivered within 2 - 4 days, whereas customers ordering from the EU can expect their deliveries to arrive within 4 - 7 days. Our friendly 24-hour customer support team is always available for any questions or concerns customers might have.

With all the outstanding benefits that come with Addyi, it comes as no surprise as to why women suffering from the unpleasantness of HSDD have opted for this incredible treatment. Place an order of Addyi from our website today, and take back control of your love life.

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